Flagger at Events


SCCA Trial at Carolina Motorsports Park

Flagger worked with the SCCA at CMP, the test event went extremely well and gave many drivers the opportunity to experience flagger. 

Corner workers loved the system and had some great feedback, it gave them more power over what the racing field was doing and helped reduce any incidents. 

We are truly honored to work with the SCCA and the drivers and look forward to our next event! 

Permanent Installations

Tracks now have the option for permanent installations of the Flagger System.

The enclosed Flagstations are protected from harsh weather year round with extended battery options and solar panel recharging! 

NASA at Road Atlanta

Glenn Stephens at the helm of the Flagger In-Car Alert System this afternoon with NASA at Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta.

American Endurance Racing at NJ

Flagger had a super time at New Jersey Motorsports Park this weekend. The Flagger In-Car Alert System worked flawlessly for the 14 hour American Endurance Racing 2020 finale. We supplied a special "Turn Lights On" flag at the request of AER. It was fun to see all the drivers switch their lights on all of a sudden. The new golf cart is a really nice tool to have.  At the end of the race we gave a little preview of the newest feature with a simple "Nice Race" message to everyone.  Can't wait to be back with AER on the Charlotte Motor Speedway roval in February for their 2021 season opener!

American Endurance Racing at Summit Point

We had a very successful event at Summit Point with 50 cars running Flagger for two 8 hour endurance races!


Fantastic Piece of Equipment!

Spec Miata Race at AMP

Flagger was installed installed in every race car at AMP for a race! It worked great and the drivers and track management want it... now!!!

Racers are informed of track conditions via flags. Each flag has a meaning. We all know "green flag" mean go. "Checkered flag" means the race is over. There are many other flags which convey information to the drivers. They convey important safety information. A great example is a "yellow flag" which tells the driver there is some sort of incident on track. Drivers know to beware when they see a flag like that. They must slow down and are not allowed to pass other cars. You can imagine the mayhem if they fail to see a waving flag!!! Drivers frequently miss flags because they are focused on the job at hand... they are watching where they are going.

Flagger puts the information in front of them... in car... in their line of sight. Hard to miss that flag!!

The system is GPS enabled so the racer gets the information only at the portion of the track where the they need to pay heed.

Look at the comments of the driver who just finished his event and see what he thinks of the system.

Also, notice the picture of "track control" which shows everything occurring on track. The notes at the bottom log everything.

You can see the in-car mobile unit in the race cars.


Flagger Racing at AMP

Another great successful day testing Flagger at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Collected great data and finishing on the podium to boot!  


NASA at Summit Point

More testing, more units! We placed FlagStations all around the track and sent thousands of flags all day in the brutal heat. Officials are excited about the technology, the usability and simplicity of the system.

We are working hard to create the best system by listening to the people who use it! 


Atlanta Motorsports Park Testing

Tested Flagger technology during today's race at Atlanta Motorsports Park. Racers had the device in car and FlagStations (for corner workers to activate flags) were placed at various points around the track.

Racing stakeholders (racers, track owners and sanctioning bodies) are embracing Flagger and look forward to its rollout. You should see the smile on racer's faces when they understand what it will do for their safety!!


PRI 2019 - Booth 452

Join us in Indianapolis, December 12 - 14, 2019, for the 32nd Annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.

Flagger will be demonstrating the system and talking with customers, track owners and racing bodies. Find us at booth 452 - with our partner Raceciever. 

Perfomance Racing Industry
2019 SCCA National Championship Runoff

2019 SCCA Runoffs at VIR

Flagger at the SCCA Runoffs

Stop by and check out the latest gear from Flagger at this years SCCA Runoffs. We will be showcasing our latest hardware and can fill you in on all the details of how the system works. 

More info about the event can be found here